Aloe Vera and Honey

Great news!  For all those that are aware of how beneficial Aloe Vera is,  I want you to know there is a way to eat it that covers up the bitter taste well enough that it can be enjoyed – almost like a dessert!  Sound too good to be true?

My friend Carmen, told me that her friend Gladys from Peru told her how to make this simple recipe.  Evidently, Gladys’s mother used to eat it daily as a sort of medicine.

Simply peel two medium sized Aloe Vera leaves and peel them.  Cut them up in smaller pieces and pour 2 – 3 tablespoons of honey over it. Voila, there you have it!

I have heard it been said that Aloe Vera cleanses all organ systems, tissues and cells.  It is a mild laxative when used without the skin and more of  a purgative when used with the skin, so unless you are ready to purge – take it easy.

It is delicious for breakfast and helps to eliminate all the left over metabolic waste your body accumulates while your liver, etc. purifies your blood.  And it really helps the bowels move.  Elimination is the name of the game when cleansing, so enjoy this delicious treat and robust health.




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Raw Orange Juice

Drink orange juice or any kind of citrus juice daily to replenish your body’s vitamin c supply because your body doesn’t store it.

Bring a cooler with you and have a few bottles of orange juice, lemonade, limeade, or fresh grapefruit juice on hand so you can energize yourself throughout the day.

Your visual system uses a significant amount of nutrients and relies on vitamin c replenishment for optimum function.

Orange juice can cause uncomfortable symptoms if your blood is too acidic.  The more detoxified you become, the more orange juice you will be able to consume.  Citrus eats away mucus, so it will help prevents colds.

Be sure to only drink unpasteurized citrus juice to reap the full benefits:  Fresh Squeezed Juice reigns supreme!

Take a look at the nutritional facts of raw orange juice.

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Radiant Skin

The skin is the largest organ and one that is sometimes neglected. There is a whole nerve network that runs through the skin. So if we nourish one part of our skin, this healing influence naturally effects other parts of our skin. Before we know it our skin radiates joy. Our skin quickly absorbs anything we put on it so lets feed our skin with the best ingredients that we have available.

Personally, I love virgin raw coconut oil. It helps prevents skin cancer (applies antioxidants to the skin), lubricates the skin and smells wonderful, especially with a few drops of Turkish Rose (organic essential oil).  Our skin reflects our health and the many ways we take care of ourselves. Beware of aging products that accelerate free-radical damage. Even those with refined vegetable oils are damaging.

Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. If you are on a raw diet, feed your skin with raw food too. Be creative. Use your smoothie left-overs for a facial! Cut Nori seaweed sheets in strips, wet them with your favorite juice and lay them on your face until it dries. Apply papaya, avocado or pineapple to your face and skin. Last, but not least, use raw coco butter for the royal treatment. Your skin will love the enzymes.

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